Bands & Projects

SMACK MY BISHOP is a 6-piecSMBe funk unit comprised of heavy hitters from various Northampton area bands. Their grooves are as unapologetic as their name, and each tune is a powder keg. You can hear them play original content, (as well as covers they have no business playing,) every week as hosts of the Tuesday night jam at Bishops Lounge in Northampton.




THE MARY JANE JONES performs original jazz, blues, and soul-based compositions by the song writing and arranging duo of Mandy Pachios and Dan Thomas. Now armed with an agile horn section, no style or cover is off limits. While at a gig, expect to be seduced by Mandy’s smokey style, have your face melted by Dan’s guitar, or find yourself in the middle of  a 80’s dance throw-down. Enjoy it while it lasts, because who knows what the next song will be!



The ERIC OLSSON BAND plays music that just feels good. Many have tried NOT dancing to their New Orleans-rooted funky gospel sound, but few succeed. The talented Eric Olsson is one of the best musician-wranglers around; able to attract big east coast talent to his gigs. If you miss a show, you’ll hear about it from your friends.







Statement from FAT BRADLEY:

“Fat Bradley is a funk outfit. It’s our duty to move that booty.”
I have nothing further to add.






 What if someone had the idea to get every major musician in a 30 mile radius to play a bi-annual themed show where everyone played their faces off? What if everyone supported this idea and just made it happen? Add ridiculous costumes and way too many stage FX, and you have LLAMA LASAGNE.