Smack My Bishop: Our Story

Before our Bishop’s Lounge reunion show, Smack My Bishop actually rehearsed! This is a big deal because in our 4+ years of existence, I think we’ve only had 4 rehearsals; we usually learned songs on stage during our weekly hosting gig. I brought along my camera, a soft box, and told the guys to make up a story about why we stopped doing those Tuesday nights. I started, and each member built on to the story.

For an (accurate) account of our Bishop’s tenure, here’s my interview with the Hamshire Gazette before our show

Smack My Bishop:

Trumpet/Vocal: Me you fool
Keyboards: John Corda
Drums: Colin Jalbert
Harmonica: Andy Soles
Guitar: Dan Thomas
Bass: J Witbeck
Alto Sax: Steve Yarbro

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